The Advent Book Crew (ABC)

Welcome to the page dedicated to the people and magical faerie entities that help bring the Advent Book Blog to you:

Abe the Advent Book Elf:

Born in an igloo during a howling snowstorm in the remote far north some time in the mid-70’s, Abe was raised by sled dogs and has dined on sacred salmon with Iditarod champions.

Affable and peripatetic by nature, Abe has traveled widely. He’s learned to dance with Saharan Tuaregs, gambled fortunes away in the casinos of Monaco and spent several years creating Cheese Fonts for the Helvetica Cheese Company in Tucson, Arizona before returning north to administer the Advent Book Blog.

Abe is the executive editor, spell-checker and head barista here at the ABB. He makes one hell of a spiced rum & egg nog latte.

Sean Cranbury:
(@seancranbury | @booksontheradio)

Sean lives and works in the terminally inclement port city of Vancouver where he tries unsuccessfully to avoid trouble of all kinds.

He experienced early on-set of bookliness during his days working at Chapman Books in Dundas, Ontario. Books by people with names like Nabokov, Winterson, Vonnegut, Parker, Cheever started appearing on his bookshelves and he was forever lost to the world of common sense.

Sean now spends his time developing projects like Books on the Radio, Summer Publishing TV, the Advent Book Blog, Bookcamp Vancouver and the W2 Real Vancouver Writers’ Series.

He is a regular contributor at and has threatened to start reading his creative work publicly in 2011.

Julie Wilson:
(@BookMadam | @SeenReading)

Julie lives and works in Toronto as a writer and professional book fan. She likes cheese. And now that she owns Wii Fit, she can eat more of it.

Other interests include: books, reading, intangibles, Orlando Bloom’s many scarves, New Cat (don’t tell The Cat That Came Before), recording poets, chit chat, my iPhone, shoot ’em up games, noodle soup, asking authors questions, literary voyeurism, a really good Achilles tendon stretch . . . and you. (Awww!)

When she’s not busy being Julie, she likes to play the role of wind-blown author Becca Wilcott, author of Truly, Madly, Deadly: The Unofficial True Blood Companion.

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