Morbidity and Ornament by Steve Noyes. Recommended by Chris Hutchinson.

Morbidity and Ornament by Steve Noyes

Published October 2009 by Oolichan

ISBN 978-088982-260-3

The Recommend:

Steve Noyes’ fourth book of poetry, Morbidity and Ornament, is spring-loaded with chthonic-wisdom and formal dexterity.

And its range is heady: from the mysticism of mating slugs to the patois of the chronically inebriated, the collection contains multitudes—of subjects, voices, places, times and cultures—while the style oscillates brilliantly between metaphoric weirdness and laser-point specificity.

At the heart of the book, and what makes it cohere, is a pyrotechnic intelligence driven to probe within and without, beneath and beyond, the merely observable.

This is not your ordinary Canadian poetry pub fare.

You should read it now.


About Chris Hutchinson


Chris Hutchinson’s most recent book of poetry, Other People’s Lives, was recently published by Brick Books.

For more info check out on his blog:

It should be noted that Chris was also the very first interview ever recorded for Books on the Radio.

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