Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate By Terry Eagleton. By Charles Demers.

Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate. By Terry Eagleton

Published March 2009, Yale University Press

ISBN: 978-0300151794

The Recommend:

No better way to celebrate his birthday than a book that retrieves Jesus-as-revolutionary.

As much as it is a demolition of the shallow, faux-worldly, Enlightenment-on-steroids schtick peddled by ‘the New Atheists,’ Eagleton’s new book is a compelling guide to the fundamental differences between liberalism and socialism – an important task as the Dubya-era, everybody-left-of-Mussolini coalition crumbles.

Eagleton’s initial response to Richard Dawkins’s ‘The God Delusion’ in the pages of the London Review of Books was half-cooked and uneven; here, he’s had a chance to calm down, and simmered his unanswerable case against the Christopher Hitchenses of the world with his usual wit, charmingly idiosyncratic analogies, and readability.


About Charles Demers


Charles Demers is the author of two recent books, his first novel ‘The Prescription Errors,’ and a book of essays about his hometown, ‘Vancouver Special.’

A writer and comedian, he is the co-host of Citytv’s ‘The Citynews List’ and is frequently featured on CBC Radio’s ‘The Debaters

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