Joseph Planta Recommends 3 Books: By Buckley, Chabon & Choy.

Losing Mum and Pup by Christopher Buckley.

Published May 2009 by McClelland and Stewart.

ISBN: 978-0771017322

The Recommend:

A loving and heart-rending memoir about what it was like to grow up with two larger than life parents, the distinguished conservative William F. Buckley, Jr. and the Vancouver-born Manhattan socialite Patricia Taylor Buckley.

It is smart, witty, charming, and sometimes frank.



Manhood for Amateurs by Michael Chabon.

Published September 2009 by Harper Collins

ISBN: 978-1554682058

The Recommend:

Chabon investigates what it is to be a man, a son, brother, father, and husband, in a series of essays that make up a marvelous collection of insight, humour, pathos, and memory.




Not Yet by Wayson Choy

Published May 2009 by Doubleday Canada

ISBN: 978-0385663106

The Recommend:

Choy discusses being suspended into half-consciousness after being induced into a coma after suffering from a near-fatal heart attack.

It’s a pensive journey to his past, through the ghosts that haunt him, and to the reality of his life with people around him who care.

It’s a book about love, really.


About Joeseph Planta


Joseph Planta is editor at where he features audio interviews with unique and diverse guests from renowned bestselling and prize winning authors, Canadian newsmakers and political figures, internationally known print and broadcast journalists, prominent academics and public intellectuals, as well as noted artists and personalities.

For over 450 interviews and five years now, the Planta: On the Line interview program continues as a forum for engaging, informative conversations on current affairs and a wide variety of subjects.

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