Jack, by Mike Spry. Recommended by Ian Orti.

Jack, by Mike Spry

Published October 2008 by Snare Books

ISBN: 9780973943870

The Recommend:

Fact: there is currently a renaissance in Canadian literature and aside for the few independent publishers who are on to this fact everyone is missing it.

As readers it’s our responsibility not to miss this fact before these writers are long dead and the publishers have succumbed to the battle facing small presses today.

Spry’s Jack does not smell like flowers.

It smells like gin, tastes like blood, and cuts to the core of human existence with broken glass and leaves the kind of stain that marks a writer’s triumphant arc by the end.

There is no romance in Spry’s nostalgia for the last days of analog Canada, but there is an unparalleled tenderness in the writing that leaves a reader longing for the glory of a few cracked ribs and a one night stand.


About Ian Orti


Ian Orti is a columnist for Matrix Magazine; he’s the author of ‘The Olive and the Dawn’ and the upcoming ‘L’ with Invisible Publishing.

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1 Response to Jack, by Mike Spry. Recommended by Ian Orti.

  1. Gillian says:

    I wholesomely agree. Loved Jack. xo

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