Bone #9: Crown of Horns by Jeff Smith. Recommended by John Maxwell

Bone #9: Crown of Horns by Jeff Smith

Published January 2009 by Scholastic

ISBN: 978-0439706322

The Recommend:

This is the 9th and final installment of the Bone graphic novels (not counting the ‘prequel,’ Rose, which also appeared this year but which is kind of forgettable).

My son James and I read the whole series all last year, and EAGERLY awaited the release of #9 early in 2009. The ninth book brings the whole epic story to its conclusion, and we were not disappointed.

Not only does Smith tie up all the plotlines, but he also is able to do such wonderful things with the characters, developed so thoroughly after so many books that they become real people. The story and the characters lingered with us for months after we finished the ninth book.

This series is serious literature, accessible enough to kids, but with enormous depth and dynamics.


About John Maxwell


John Maxwell has been involved in the Internet and new media since the early 1990s, in web design, content management, electronic publishing, learning technologies, and virtual communities.

After working on educational technology at the Open Learning Agency in the late 1990s, he completed a PhD in education at UBC, focusing on the cultural trajectories of “personal computing” over the past four decades.

An alumnus of the first year of the MPub program (1995/96), Maxwell is now an assistant professor in the Master of Publishing Program at SFU, where his focus is on the impact of digital technologies in the cultural sector, the history of computing and new media, and contemporary myth-making in the face of digital media.

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