Life Class, Diana Athill. Recommended by Michael Tamblyn.

Life Class, Diana Athill

Published September 2009 by Granta / House of Anansi

ISBN: 9781847021230

The Recommend

This arrives in Canada courtesy of House of Anansi’s snowflake-covered tryst with Granta — a collection of autobiographies by the legendary literary figure Diana Athill.

The editor of Richler, Updike, Roth, Mailer, de Beauvoir, Rhys, Naipaul, and Moore has divided her life into a half-dozen memoirs, four of which are collected here.

If you work in books, love books, love authors, have slept with an author, have been jilted by an RAF pilot, want to start a publishing house, are being underpaid at a publishing house, fear advancing age or seek a happy life still writing at 92, it’s well worth your time.

PS – since it is four books in one volume, I tended to read one, set it down, come back a week later and dive back in.

PPS – I have to say that no title is more deserving of an ebook edition than this fantastic, forearm-cramping tome!

About Michael Tamblyn


Michael Tamblyn heads up Content, Sales & Merchandising at Kobo.

Before that BookNet Canada.  Along side those, Adjunct Professor at SFU’s Masters of Publishing Program.

Over all of the above, decent dad, enthusiastic cook, ineffective dancer and performer of infrequent yet well-publicized acts of home maintenance.

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