The 50th Law by 50 Cent / Robert Greene. Recommended by Abe, the Advent Book Elf.

The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene

Published September 2009 by G-Unit Books & Harper Collins Publishers.

ISBN: 978-1846680687

The Recommend:

Gonna take it back to the old school here for a minute.

This book is a challenge to the senses in nearly every respect.  The design is bold.  It looks and feels like some kind of holy book.

And to some, I expect, it reads like one too.

This book calmly brings cold heat to a world beset on all sides by books offering vapid advice, groan-inducing self-help manuals and specious business books offering ‘proven solutions’ to timeless problems.

Robert Greene and Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson deliver the no nonsense goods in this book on facing life’s problems with confidence.  This includes renewed senses of curiosity, openness, personal authenticity, intuitiveness and precise realism.

Based on hard won characteristics and perspectives of 50 Cent growing up in Queens and evoked with passion and precision by Robert Greene, this book hits a lot of strong notes.  Greene supports the 50th Law with his usual array of literary/historical evidence via quotes and examples from Miles Davis, Machiavelli, Napolean Bonaparte, Dostoeyevsky, Malcom X, Marcus Aurelius and James Baldwin.

Highly recommended for business people in industries that are in transition – *cough* book publishing *cough* – hip hop fans, urban youth, and anyone interested in working to overcome their personal fears and realize their dreams.

The book design and the presence of 50 Cent as an author will undoubtedly scare some people away from this book.  It shouldn’t.  This book is solid, direct, lean and timely and deserves a wide audience.

Destined to become a classic of its kind.


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