The Show That Smells by Derek McCormack. Recommended by Evan Munday.

The Show That Smells by Derek McCormack

Published October 2008 ECW Press

ISBN: 978-1550228557

The Recommend:

The kids love the vampires, and there’s no better recent vampire tale than Derek McCormack’s The Show That Smells.

Mixing high fashion, the supernatural and country-western music in the backdrop of the most terrifying carnival since The Machinist, the novel packs more comedy and tragedy into 100-odd pages of sharp, minimalist prose than the entirety of the Twilight saga.

If there’s someone on your list for whom six pages of dead baby jokes is is his/her idea of heaven, you know what book to buy.

Combine with McCormack’s other vampire / country-western masterpiece, The Haunted Hillbilly, for maximum enjoyment.


About Evan Munday


Evan Munday is the publicist for Coach House Books.

He’s also the illustrator the novel Stripmalling, by Jon Paul Fiorentino, and a self-published a graphic novel, Quarter-Life Crisis, set in a post-apocalytic Toronto.

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