The Ravine, by Paul Quarrington. Recommended by Sarah Labrie.

The Ravine, by Paul Quarrington

Published March 2009 by Random House Canada

ISBN 9780307356154


Don’t read The Ravine because it was nominated for the Giller prize in 2008.

Don’t read it because Paul Quarrington has won a slew of other awards, or because he has a cool band.

Read it because it’s badass.

Read it because it contains the phrase “the goddamn Giller fucking prize.”

Read it because it’s full of hilarious grammatical sight gags.

Read it because the author’s idea of expressing the speech of the elderly is a series of upside down punctuation marks.

Read it because it’s offensive and wickedly funny.

But mostly, read it because of Quarrington’s uncanny ability to pick a deep human emotion and sink his teeth right in, spitting out a story told by commenting on the process of writing the story.


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Sarah Labrie has an addictive personality.

She is the Project Coordinator for the Association of Canadian Publishers.

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2 Responses to The Ravine, by Paul Quarrington. Recommended by Sarah Labrie.

  1. Marcella Young says:

    I’m definitely going to check this book out! Great review!

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