The Wayfinders by Wade Davis. Recommended by Buck Buchwald.

The Wayfinders by Wade Davis

Published October 2009 by House of Anasi


The Recommend:

A sterling appeal for salvaging what remains of cultural diversity.

Davis’ stance has less to do with moral compunction than a resonant understanding that, like biodiversity, richer is better.

“Culture [ain’t] trivial”.


About Buck Buchwald


Born in the Alberta badlands and reconstituted by the Westcoast, Buck Buchwald is a writer, landlocked mariner and itinerant gardener.

He’s a frequent contributor to the defunkt website Vestige Beach which was named after a waitress from the legendary Libra Room on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver. She’s gone now and so is the site.

If he could write like anyone in the history of the world it would be Johnny Cash.

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