George Sprott by Seth. Recommended by Hal Wake.

George Sprott by Seth.

Published May 2009 by Drawn and Quarterly

ISBN: 978-1897299517

The Recommend:

The cartoonist/book designer/writer/genius Seth, calls his book George Sprott a “picture novella”.

Whatever it should be called, it is a slightly mysterious and moving story, told in classic cartoon style.

For every important building in the small town that is the central location for the story, Seth has constructed a cardboard model and the photos of the buildings are interspersed throughout the book.

It is a triumphant marriage of words and image and you will not believe that you can get this beautiful object for the price that is on the sticker.

About Hal Wake


Hal Wake (@halwake, @VIWF) is the Artistic Director of the Vancouver International Writers Festival (one of the book world’s best jobs).

He also interviews writers on stage such as Alice Munro, Anne Michaels, Jonathan Safran Foer, Rohinton Mistry, Sharon Olds, Nicole Krauss and many more.

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1 Response to George Sprott by Seth. Recommended by Hal Wake.

  1. miette49 says:

    Oooh, another recommendation I’d second in a lightning’s flash. I’d steal this for everyone on my shopping list if I were slightly less ethical, or if it was called a “stealing list” and not a “shopping list.”

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