Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. Recommended by Luella Iwasiuk.

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

Published Published February 1996 by Little, Brown

ISBN: 978-0316066525

The Recommend:

I’m hard pressed to recommend any books published in 2009 because I participated in the Infinite Summer[1] project and, subsequently, every other book was over shadowed by the brilliance of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest[2].

It’s hard to summarize a novel this dynamic: the multiple plot lines and characters that weave through such varied topics as tennis, drug addiction, Quebec separatism, depression, consanguineous relationships, and terrorism.

Wallace’s writing elevates what at first appears to be a daunting book[3] into an inventive, entertaining, funny, and philosophically intriguing novel worth every second spent reading it.


[2] Originally published in 1996.

[3] 1079 pages (75 pages per week over a 92 day span of time for the Infinite Summer project).


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Luella Iwasiuk is an indoor cat who likes coffee, pie, jelly-fish, birds, blogs, books and music.

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