White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi. Recommended by Gemma Files

White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi

Published June 2009 by Hamish Hamilton/Penguin

ISBN: 9780670068579

The Recommend:

Helen Oyeyemi’s hypnotic third novel, WHITE IS FOR WITCHING, is an experimental fairytale, an aural echo-chamber, a haunted house story told alternately from the points of view of hauntees, haunters and house itself—pica-suffering protagonist Miranda Silver’s Dover mansion, perched on chalk, whose inhabiting spirit (known as the “Goodlady”) embodies all the poisonous cant and racism of a dead Empire.

This chronicle of a disappearance foretold unspirals in delicate, interlocking increments, self-contradictory and sublime, a choir of “truths” from which the reader must strain to eventually cobble their own, if they ever hope to escape the book’s confines unscathed.


About Gemma Files


Award-winning horror writer Gemma Files is also a film reviewer, teacher, screenwriter, wife and mother.

Her first novel, A BOOK OF TONGUES, will be released by CZP Publications in April, 2010. You can follow her professional blog here.

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