Where We Have to Go by Lauren Kirshner: Recommended by Morgan Cowie.

Where We Have to Go by Lauren Kirshner.

Published: June 2009 by Emblem Editions, McClelland & Stewart.

ISBN: 0-7710-4490-9

The Recommend:

Lauren Kirshner’s first novel is how every teenager believes their life story would read if anyone really got it.

Deeply emotionally resonant, Where We Have to Go celebrates the very real triumphs and tribulations of teenage years with understanding and love without letting the characters off the hook for their choices.

You’ll recognize yourself and those you love while getting to know the brilliantly drawn characters unique to the pages of this book.


About Morgan Cowie


Combine a background in arts agencies with a passion for books, online communication and design and analytics and you’ll have Morgan, BookNet Canada’s Marketing Manager.

Morgan works on a multitude of projects including the annual BNC Technology Forum, the BNC blog and website.

Morgan helped to organize the very successful Bookcamp Vancouver Unconference with several of the people that you’ll see right here participating in this project.

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