A Trio of Recommendations from Lisa Moore — Moore, Garner, Enright.

A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore

Published: September 2009, Bond Street Books (@RandomHouseCa)

ISBN: 9780385668248

The Recommend:

This novel is full of voice, humour, (wry, boisterous, sometimes goofy, sometimes dark) and piercing insight.

Provokes awakenings.

The characters are as vivid as vivid can be. Lorrie Moore is, of course, a short story master, and a Moore novel just gives us more of the same: mastery.


The Spare Room by Helen Garner

Published: October 2009, House of Anansi Press (@HouseofAnansi)

ISBN: 9780887848384

The Recommend:

This novel is the cleanest, most spare, affecting prose I’ve read in ages.

It is about friendship between women and about illness, a blow to your heart – at the same time so full of truth, full of the preciousness of life, it feels like a gift.

Garner’s writing is like glass after Windex and elbow grease, absolutely transparent, without fingerprints or smudge, she just transports.

You are more wise.


Yesterday’s Weather by Anne Enright

Published: September 2009, Emblem Editions

ISBN: 9780771030703

The Recommend:

Short stories about infidelity, love, friendship, drinking, rubber, independence, cancer, motherhood, fear, love.

Enright is a beautiful stylist, every sentence crafted.

The stories engage – quick, deep.

You sink into these stories so fast you have to watch for the bends coming back up.

Beautiful, beautiful writing.


About Lisa Moore:


Lisa Moore is the author of Degrees of Nakedness, Open, Alligator, and February.

She’s also the co-editor (with Dede Crane) of Great Expectations: Twenty-Four True Stories about Childbirth.

(All published by House of Anansi Press.)

Deanna McFadden recommends February here.

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